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I Have Questions - Bambi

I would like to acknowledge that I will not be reviewing the history of animation or the technology associated. I am going to do my best to focus on the story and its components. Disney's "Bambi" is based on the 1923 novel by Felix Salten.

So first of all, I have to include the bit from "Friends" when Chandler is talking about "Bambi"

I don't know if it's because I just watched "Dumbo", but the man (Donald Novis) singing the opening song sure sounds like Kenny Baker who sang in "At the Circus".

Kenny Baker singing ....

Donald Novis singing ...

The credits thank Sidney A Franklin in sincere appreciation for his inspiring collaboration. The story behind Disney's "Bambi" is a long and winding road spanning almost a decade.

As we gaze upon the forest, the questions begin ...

  • Was the animation in this different? Technically, no. I found this interesting article, and it just notes that the artists were gaining more experience which is why the animation looks slightly different than previous movies.

  • It seems there is a little more visual depth than previous movies, did they use the multiplane camera for this? Disney Studios had developed the Multiplane Camera in the 1930's. I just happened to notice it more this time around.

  • Where or when is this supposed to take place? The author was from Austria, and the book was published in 1923. So I assume it is taking place in Europe in the early 1920's.

  • What is it based on? This movie is based on "Bambi, A Life in the Woods", written by Felix Salten.

  • What is the time frame for this movie? It happens across multiple seasons. It takes place over a couple of years.

  • I assume that Thumper is older since he can talk, he's not a tiny baby. According to this website, I assume Thumper is about a month older than Bambi. Did you know the Rabbit wiki is called wabbitwiki!

  • Are deer considered the royalty of the forest? Because this movie sure thinks it is. I love that Royal Forests exist.

  • But I think in the forest other animals are higher up the food chain. According to this food chain ... deer are eaten by tigers.

  • Bambi's mom only has 1, which is pretty accurate. Don't they usually only have 1 or 2? Deer can have up to 3, but 2 is the average.

  • The quail has like 15 babies. Quail can have up to 16 babies. But the average is 12-13.

  • How quickly can deer walk after they are born? Babies can stand within 10 minutes, and can walk within 7 hours.

  • Anyone in the Disney choir that's actually famous? Or did famous work? Bill Days is the only one I can find that wasn't a main character that I recognize from other work. He did some voice work for Disney in some short cartoons and he also sang in "A Night At the Opera".

  • Why the name Bambi? What does Bambi mean? It is an Italian name meaning "Child".

  • Bambi's dad is far, far away ... is that how deer work? Do the dads leave and the moms stay. Are they solo adventurers? Deer travel in herds but generally you will find the males away from the females.

  • 9 quail babies - seems like a lot. As we learned earlier, 9 is not that many!

  • Is there a breed of rabbit that makes a lot of noise and thumps a lot? Or is it exaggerated for the movie. Thumping means danger. Most of the times rabbits are fairly quiet. They only scream if they are scared, hurt or in extreme distress.

  • There's bluebirds eating grapes. I don't think grapes grow on trees. And berries don't grow on trees? The grapes are inaccurate. Some berries do grow on trees, but I don't think the ones in the movie are any of these.

  • That's a very colorful butterfly. I don't think those exist in the real world. But there are these ones!

  • I feel like they use the same flowers in this as they did in Snow White. I'm sure they used similar animation. But did you know there is a Snow White flower!

  • Is this a story about hunting? A social commentary on hunting? It is considered to be one of the first environmental novels. It was also banned in Nazi Germany in 1936 due to "political allegory on the treatment of Jews in Europe."

  • What do deer eat? They are vegetarians who will eat what is available to them. But they also enjoy fruit, flowers and nuts.

  • I always thought deer were more loners, do they hang out in herds? As stated above, the females will forms herd but the males generally stay away.

  • I feel like deer don't have the hierarchy like they show in this movie. Deer in fact do have a rigid social structure!

  • I don't know if this is meant to be a "we should be one with the animals" or a "coming of age, appreciate your parents" kind of story ... It seems to be both an anti-hunting story as well as a social commentary.

  • Do deer sleep in the same place every day? Deer may stay in the same area, but don't necessarily stay in the exact same spot every time.

  • Has anyone seen deer on ice? Yes, and sometimes it's magical.

  • I wonder if other animals get on ice (safely) or play in snow? They sure do!

  • Flower's hibernating. Do they all hibernate? Only some? Skunks do hibernate but rabbits and deer do not!

  • Do deer only eat grass? As we learned above, deer eat what is available to them but they love fruit, flowers and nuts.

  • When do deer begin growing antlers? 10 to 12 months after they are born.

  • Bambi fights another male, how accurate is that? Yes, all deer can fight and will if necessary.

  • How often does that happen? It's often over territory or to impress females.

  • How long do deer court for? Do we know? It seems the whole process can take a few short weeks.

  • So does this take place when trappers and hunters were moving across North America? Since this was published in the early 1920's, I believe it was responding to the idea of boosting deer populations, but also in turn releasing more hunting licenses in Germany and Europe.

  • What do crows mean? There are many meanings to the crow. The real reason why you may see crows is that they are looking for food, or defending their territory.

  • Are crows scavengers? They come after death like vultures do? Crows do tend to come around after death, but they also hold funerals for their own kind.

The questions that are left unanswered...

  • Now the quail only has 6 babies. She keeps losing babies, because the first time she had like 15.

  • Aren't the deer all around the same age? Has one just lived longer than the others?

  • So if Bambi's dad is a prince, and he's a prince ... who is the king?

  • How did Bambi's parents meet?

  • Why is Bambi's dad so standoffish?

  • Still want to know why his dad is so standoffish...

  • Did Bambi kill the other buck when fighting over Faline?

Other thoughts:

  • I like Owl, but I like all owls

  • Owl from Winnie the Pooh is my favorite (another list!)

  • Gray squirrels, Thumper, Flower, variety of other animals, chipmunk, mice ... so many animals!

  • Quails and quail babies!

  • All these forest animals are way nicer than the elephants in Dumbo

  • Bambi is pretty cute

  • Racoons

  • There's possoms!

  • The bunnies are all very pushy

  • And then we meet Flower!

  • I just remember this song (April Showers) getting scary with the Thunderstorm (again!)

  • Then they go to the meadow

  • Ducklings! I always like ducklings!

  • I find it interesting Thumper is the only one with brown eyes

  • Frog!

  • Then he meets Faline

  • She has much flutterier eyelashes than Bambi does, but there isn't much difference between the two

  • They're doing a lot of chasing

  • All the deer are now running away ...

  • They all stop to watch the deer king walk by ...

  • Now they're all running

  • His parents are there ... they hear the hunter

  • Passage of time ... it's now fall

  • Now it's snowing ...

  • Flower is just a mess

  • It's like Wall-E, they've found the first plant that's survived

  • Another mom dying ...

  • Now it's springtime

  • Bambi's grown antlers

  • They've all gotten bigger

  • They all sound like men now

  • It's only been a year ... at most

  • Twitterpated!

  • Owl gives them advice

  • When Flower meets his girl ... I feel like it's slightly inappropriate...

  • But she's super cute so I get it

  • She has a big fluffy white tail, like the opposite of Flower's tail

  • Thumper meets his girl

  • She shows up in other cartoons and such. Her name is Miss Bunny.

  • The way she flirts is kind of cute

  • Now Bambi is all alone because his friends are in love

  • I like when he gets his antlers caught in the flowers. It's very Sven like.

  • Bambi met Faline first, so dibs

  • It's very much like the Lion King with "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"

  • I feel like they use that bird noise in Cinderella

  • I would imagine there isn't much courting going on

  • They already spend the night together

  • Now there's more hunters

  • Can't really tell what the campsite is like

  • Bambi's just left Faline ...

  • There's a lot of black crows

  • I don't really remember the end of this movie ...

  • There's dogs, so it must be actual hunters after the deer

  • There's a fire at the campsite which becomes the forest fire. I remember more about the forest fire than the rest of the movie.

  • Bambi's been shot but the dogs didn't come after him. He didn't die. His dad is telling him to get up and escape the forest fire.

  • I really like the colors in this movie

  • Faline has twins

  • And now Bambi stands on the side of the forest with his dad ...

  • But then his dad leaves him ...


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