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My ideal meal at Walt Disney World

Updated: May 24, 2020

Now, I am a self-professed picky eater. I am not allergic to anything (that I know of) but I do have many food rules that friends know about me ... and make fun of me for. The big three are - no seafood, no eggs, no pork (except bacon because ... bacon!). Now there are LOTS of other foods I don't eat and usually it's easier for me to list foods I do like than those I won't eat. I also have other weird food rules but don't need to go into those here.

So if I had the choice to pick my ultimate favorite meal at Disney World ... and I can mix different restaurants to make this meal .... here it is:


Mozzarella-stuffed Rice Balls

The Mozzarella-stuffed Rice Balls from Terralina at Disney Springs. To be fair, I've only had these when Terralina was still Portobello but I would imagine they are pretty similar. They're basically giant fried mozzarella cheese sticks ... how could you go wrong. I have been known to just order those as my meal at Portobello and be completely content.

Entree: Now, I don't have a picture of this but the Asian Stir Fry at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian is my favorite meal hands down. It's fun to eat and it's delicious. I'm never brave to eat with chopsticks (except at Teppan Edo where they kindly give an almost 40-year-old adult "training wheel" chopsticks). Even though there are sometimes vegetables in it that I don't necessarily want to eat, they are big enough for me to pick around if I need to.

Dessert: My favorite dessert, the chocolate fondue, can be found at both Grand Floridian Cafe at the Grand Floridian and Kona Cafe at the Polynesian. This come with a little pot of melted chocolate (which, let's be honest, I could just drink), cookies and fruit to dip in. My favorite are the strawberries, bananas and coconut macaroons. And I'm pretty sure I've taken a picture of this but can't find it at the moment.

**Disclosure - As much as I love the food at Kona Cafe, I will say the last couple times I have gone we have received horrible service. One time, out waitress completely forgot to place our entree order so we waited over 45 minutes from appetizer to entree. On my last visit, the surrounding tables were having issues as well and the waitress blamed it on the restaurant being busy. Which may have been true but they also brought me the wrong entree when it did arrive. So now that I know that the Grand Floridian Cafe has the chocolate fondue, I will gladly go over there instead.

Honorable Mentions:


  • Braised Short Rib Bolognese at Artist Point

  • Bread Service at Sanaa (another where this is just my meal)


  • Grilled New York Strip Steak at Coral Reef

  • Southernmost Buttermilk Chicken at Olivia's

  • Boeuf Bourguingnon, linguine at Chefs de France


  • The Chocolate Wave at Coral Reef

  • Lemon Tart at the Boardwalk Bakery


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