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Stadium Series 2020

February 2020

Codename is a big Colorado Avalanche fan. Our first date was to my first Colorado Avalanche game. In February 2020, the Colorado Avalanche played the L.A. Kings at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can read all about all of the issues here. I will say our experience was very similar. We got to the stadium very early and didn't have an issue getting to a parking spot. But the mud had already started. I was not expecting to tromp across muddy fields and stand in mud for 3+ hours before gametime. Granted, I did not wear the proper footwear but otherwise I was warm. The one thing we were able to do was get a picture with the Stanley Cup. That was the highlight of the day. From there everything went downhill, the game, the lack of bathrooms, the lack of concessions, the cold temperatures and the ultimate Avalanche loss. It took us over 2 hours to leave the parking lot once we actually attempted to leave and get in line with everyone else.

But the point of this post is to talk about where we stayed. Codename had bought tickets to the game several months in advance and I wish I had booked a hotel room then and there. We weren't sure of our plans until days before so room options at the last minute were lacking. I booked us at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Colorado Springs.

Just a little bit of context, we left our home (just outside Boulder) to give us plenty of time to get to the Springs (normally a 80ish minute drive). Traffic was backing up when we hit Castle Rock (the mid-point between Denver and Colorado Springs and my hometown). We bailed I-25 and headed east and head down Highway 83, which I have to say is a much prettier route. But as we got south of the Monument turnoff, traffic slowed down again. It took us almost twice as long to get to the Springs as it normally would. We rushed to get food and then rushed to the hotel to check-in.

We got a close parking spot at the Embassy Suites and I ran inside to check-in while Codename gathered all of our hastily packed items. The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. I was relieved that our room was ready and we were able to get in without an early check-in fee. We were on the top floor and had a view facing the foothills. We had a king size bed and what I will always love about Embassy Suites, a real suite! We had a separate living area from our bedroom. The bathroom was an average size and could not hold more than one person at a time (unless one person is in the shower). I was really glad to have a separate sitting area where we could eat lunch instead of sitting on a bed and hastily eating. Our room was in the middle of the hallway and in between two elevators which was convenient. I will say, as I mention in my review, the main elevator is a little slow and quite popular so it would have been more convenient to use any of the other elevators at any other time.

We quickly ate lunch, changed and prepared to head to the stadium. From there the stay goes downhill.

The timing worked out that the next night, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was touring through the Springs so we were able to see the Robots I love so much on Sunday night.

We booked the Embassy for two nights and the hotel's location was between the Air Force Academy and downtown Colorado Springs. Overall, I really like the location of the Embassy Suites and with the recent growth in Colorado Springs it is within a 10 minute drive of any food/shopping you could hope for. And it's close to hiking, the Manitou Incline, Garden of the Gods and a host of other outdoor activities.

I am a huge fan of Embassy Suites and highly recommend staying at the one in Colorado Springs due to it's prime location and the amenities it provides.


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